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Innovision’s Probe II is developed especially for shooters whose projects require long tubular lenses and higher-resolution images.
The Probe II features high-resolution glass elements and relay optics for images with remarkable edge-to-edge sharpness, flat field, and extreme depth of field. State-of-the-art multiple coatings provide sharp, low-dispersion images. The Probe II comes in 35mm film and Video/16mm versions. The Video/16mm Probe II easily covers Super 16, as well.
Probe II lenses come with a set of five interchangeable front objectives. The Probe II for 35mm film work, rated at T5.6, provides focal lengths ranging from 9-40mm. The 16mm/video unit offers a range of focal lengths from 5-24mm with a speed of T2.8.
Interchangeable lens mounts offer simple adaptation to most professional cameras.
Probe lenses accept 40.5mm filters. For hands-off focus, Innovision offers an optional remote follow focus.


Speed: 35mm – T5.6, Video/16mm – T2.8

Barrel Diameter: 1.7″ (43.2mm)

Length: 35mm – 18″ (46cm), Video/16mm – 16″ (41cm)

Weight: 3.5 lbs. (1.6kg)

Housing: Constructed of aircraft aluminum with durable black anodized exterior.

Optional Accessories: Remote focus control, an assortment of 40.5mm filters, Camera mounts for all common cameras, and shipping cases.

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