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CineMag IV Pro

At speeds up to 1.4 Gpx/sec the proprietary Phantom CineMag is the fastest data transfer solution for compatible Phantom cameras. The CineMag is hot-swappable, establishing a fast and secure streamlined workflow to deal with the large files associated with high-speed imaging.

Users can record into camera RAM and then “upload” to the CineMag in seconds.  This eliminates camera down time between shots. If your application demands longer record times, then the CineMag can be used in Run/Stop (R/S) mode, to bypass RAM and direct record to the CineMag, allowing for several minutes of record time at lower frame rates.

Click here to Download the CineMag and CineStation datasheet for more information, including max frame rates for each current camera family in direct record (R/S) mode.

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