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"The Cinema-Vision team are the best in NYC. They can handle jobs of all sizes and they go above and beyond to make sure we always have what we need. I recommend them to everyone I work with because they make my job easier!"

Graham Deneen - 1st AC

"I've had the pleasure of working closely with Cinemavision, NYC's premier rental house, where I, Michael Girandola, serve as a Director of Photography. Cinemavision is synonymous with professionalism, always offering the latest cameras and rare lenses to elevate any project. The staff's knowledge and kindness are unparalleled. Derrick, the owner, isn't just a trusted colleague; he's a close friend. Their commitment goes beyond, as they will search and sub-rent items not in house, even if it means shipping from across the country. Cinemavision is my go-to for all things cinematic excellence."

Michael Girandola - Director of Photography

"Cinemavision really goes above and beyond for their customers. For the past 10 years, I often ask for obscure items and most other rental houses will just tell me they cannot find it. Even if they have to get it from LA, ATL, or a private owner in PA, they find it some how. Aside from the exceptional customer service, the equipment is always in amazing shape. They really make you feel like family."

Kazu Okuda - Director of Photography

"Cinema-Vision is a top-notch rental house with an especially personal touch. Throughout my career as a cinematographer they have unerringly supported my projects with perfectly cared for equipment, great technical support, and speedy quotes and communication. I couldn't ask for more!"

Alexa Wolf - Director of Photography

"Derrick and his team of talented technicians always deliver top notch service paired with superbly maintained cameras as well as go out of their way to source hard-to-find lenses and accessories that are requested by the most discerning of cinematographers. Cinemavision’s ability to deliver time after time combined with their convenient location make them unequivocally my best choice for camera equipment in New York City. "

Jon Cooper - Director of Photography

"The best place to rent and check out from. Friendly knowledgeable staff. They help me build rigs from large studio to small travel jobs. They also understand the urgency and need to get stuff out as fast as possible. If I get last minute job or if director changes his mind. Also they are very understanding if your gear gets held as customs for a week or so. There gear is clean and firmware always up to date. The techs even cleaned my own camera body for me. The environment in the house is friendly, all questions no matter how silly are answered."

Adrian Peng Correia - Director of Photography

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