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Fujinon Premista Zooms

Expressly designed for large-format sensors, the Premista Large-Format Cine Zoom Lens from Fujifilm covers up to a 46.3mm image circle in addition to Super35 sensors. Its image quality is maintained from the center through the image corners, and it is color-matched to the Fujifilm cine lens line to reduce color grading in post. Compatibility with both ZEISS eXtended Data and Cooke /i Technology makes it easy to note your lens information for VFX work or matching shots.

Housed in a durable lens barrel, the Premista is designed with a 13-blade aperture for smooth bokeh. It also shares a 114mm front diameter with the other Premista line, making it simple to share accessories such as filters, a follow focus, and matte boxes. It features measurements in both feet and meters, and the index markings on the FIZ rings are in fluorescent paint so they are easily viewable in dark environments.


Lens Mount: PL Mount

Lenses Available: 19-45mm/ 28-100mm/ 80-250mm

Format Coverage: Large Format

Maximum Apreture: T2.9 (80-250mm – T2.9 to T3.5)

Image Stabelization: No 

Image Circle: 46.3mm

Electronic Communication: Yes

Weight: 19-45mm – 7.28 lbs/ 28-100mm – 8.38 lbs/ 80-250mm – 8.38 lbs

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