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J.L. Fisher Jib Model 23

Can Be built to 7 different lengths!

The Model 23 Jib is a stable, yet lightweight sectional arm used for Features, Television, Commercials, Music Videos, and Live Productions. The Jib sections are ergonomic, easy to handle and assemble quickly. Color-coded, pre-tensioned cables secure the assembled sections into an extremely rigid Jib. The Model 23 Jib rotates 360 degrees and enables the operator to position the camera at various elevations from –9 ft 4 in to 20 ft 7 in high.

The Model 23 can be used on the Model 9 and 10 camera dollies with a center mount and 18 in RJ18 Heavy Duty Riser.
The Model 23 should not be used with the Model 11 Dolly.

-The Model 23 Jib sections, cables and parts store conveniently in compartments in a self-contained utility cart.
-Four weight carts are provided for easy transportation of weights and other accessories.
-The Jib can be configured in 3 foot increments from 6’ (1.83m) to 21’ (6.4m).
-Support cables are pre-adjusted to the proper length and color coded for easy assembly.
-Assembly instructions for all lengths and safety guidelines included.
-All required parts for all 7 lengths are included in the Utility Cart.

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