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IB/E OPTICS S35XVV Large-Format 1.66x Expander Mount Adapter for S35 Cine Lenses

Expand the focal length of your S35 format PL-mount lens when using it on a full-frame sensor camera with this S35XVV
Large-Format 1.66x Expander Mount Adapter for S35 Lenses from IBE OPTICS. The expander supports high-resolution imagery while scaling the image through an $35 PL mount lens on large-format sensors with up to a 46.5mm image circle. It is designed to magnify your focal length by 1.66x.

The extender features minimal optical degradation while expanding the focal length and decreasing the image brightness by 1.46 stops. To create an optimized optical design for modern lenses and digital cameras, the maximum input is T2.0. The S35XVV is designed to mount a PL lens on any digital cinema camera with a native PL mount, and the UMS lens mount system allows you to interchange the camera mount with optional Canon EF, Sony E, MFT, or other available mounts to fit a wide range of cameras. Its durable design incorporates stainless steel PL mounts and an anodized aluminum body.

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