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Cooke 25mm T2.0 S7/i Full Frame Plus Prime Lens (PL Mount)

The Cooke 25mm T2.0 S7/i Full Frame Plus Prime Lens is designed to cover full frame cinema camera sensors up to at least the full sensor area of the RED Weapon 8K (46.31mm image circle). It is color-matched to other Cooke lenses to keep that well-known Cooke look, and has focus markings on both sides of the lens. A cam-type focus mechanism with a large lens barrel diameter and 270° of rotation from end-stop to end-stop allows for precision focus markings, especially at close focus.

The lens features a PL mount, which makes it compatible with most commonly used professional motion picture film and electronic cameras, and has an aperture range of T2.0 to T22. The PL mount incorporates i/Technology contacts that feed lens information metadata to a compatible camera, including focus distance, aperture and depth-of-field.


Focal Length
T2.0 to T22
Maximum Format Size
1.8″ (46.31 mm) diameter
Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D.)
14″ (350 mm)
Close Focus
From Lens Front: 4″ (109 mm)
2 opposing linear T-stop scales (whole and third stops marked)

2 opposing focus scales (metric and footage)
Scales marked from infinity to M.O.D.

Drive Gear
134 teeth 0.8 MOD
4 mm wide x 81 mm from the image plane

140 teeth 0.8 MOD
6 mm wide x 103 mm from the image plane

Angular Rotation between End Stops:
Focus Drive Gear: 270°
Iris Drive Gear: 90°
Angle of View
For Super 35mm Format: 61° (maximum diagonal)
For 24 x 36mm Format: 82° (maximum diagonal)
From Front of Lens to Lens Mount: 7.44″ (189 mm)
Front Diameter
4.33″ (110 mm)
7.28 lb (3.3 kg)
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